• Security

    We guarantee security, reliability, and confidence in order to control the system of your enterprise. Every enterprise must be protected efficiently and legally.

  • Certifications in legal technology

    Lexnos is the only one that has a “Secure Law certificate” (SLC). It is a certification that certifies that your enterprise fulfills technolegal parameters. So, it is a safe enterprise.

  • Quietness

    You can be quiet because your products and services fulfill the legality of technology. You will only pay attention to your business and ideas.

  • Design the process

    The processing is very important in order to get the success or the failure. A good processing reduces the cost of your enterprise and guarantees the success since you can eke out.

  • Your data in a Bunker?

    Did you lose your data? Data are the most important thing for an enterprise. If you lost data, it could be the end for your enterprise. So, are your data protected? Do you know what types of documents are sent? Do you know who receives them?



Data are the main source of information since both products and services depend on them. Our commitment to your enterprise is to protect it. For this reason, we use all the fields such as internal, external, and hybrid fields.


We are experts in legal technology, processing, and security. So, you can trust us since we are experts in contents of lately generation.


We offer an exclusive certificate: Secure Law Certificate (SLC) that certifies that all our services fulfill legal national and international precepts about technological security and process of safe creation.


Other services that we can offer you are the processing and the improvement of the services of your enterprise. So, we improve your business so that you can save your money.