Artificial Intelligence and legality

On 4 julio, 2013 by nebrit

We are pioneering in certification of Artificial Intelligence Systems. We offer a certificate called AIS (Artificial Intelligence System). We create and supervise processes of programing and making of Artificial Intelligence Systems. In addition to this, we offer the training in legal technology and processes of artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, we offer our services in order to help to elaborate the laws of quality such as:

  • Regulation of making of Artificial Intelligence Systems for autonomous and non-autonomous

  • law of quality

  • Risks for your health

  • Penal and civil laws about bugs of making or illegality for programmers or manufacturers

  • Penal and civil laws for Artificial Intelligence Systems

  • Limitations of construction and design

  • limitations of using the entity of Artificial Intelligence for specific fields (military,…) 

We also develop laws for programing and making that must take into account the ROM of every product of Artificial Intelligence :

  • Penal laws

  • Civil laws

  • Prohibitions

  • Behavior systems

  • imposibility of aggresiveness

  • priority of survival rules and assistance between humans-robots-humans

  • Systems of non-aggresive defense

  • Systems of non-aggresive attack

  • Impossibility of re-programing

  • Imposibility of injuries to humans

  • Semicognitive learning

  • Impossibility of generating hate

  • Impossibility of generating empathy

  • Compliance of the laws

  • Turned off in case of illegal facts

  • Impossibility of using violence in humans or other entities of Artificial Intelligence

  • Impossibility of autoreprograming 

  • Impossibility of a Artificial Intelligence System can make other Artificial Intelligence System

Everything must be regulated and supervised by the government as well as everything must be updated

Lexnos Corporation – securizing the future


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