On 4 julio, 2013 by nebrit

We analyze the Enterprise depending on the field of business activity. We take into account all the necessities of your enterprise, such as:

Audits and Procedures ICT based on legal technology

We audit the present procedures related to the tools of electronic administration and we also revise the laws related to suppliers and citizens. In addition to this, we fulfill the law of legal security and we simplify and improve the objectives of your enterprise.

Critical infraestructures

 we audit and analyse critical infraestructures related to legislation and the access to these infraestructures. We manage and evaluate the improvements of the procedures that we generate in order to know if they are correct or incorrect. 

Audits of legal technology

We audit these aspects and products:

  • Legal Staff
  • Computer-programmer staff

  • Existing products of the enterprise

  • We evaluate the process of security of your product

  • We evaluate the interoperability and the intraoperability of your products

  • National Schemes of security and National Schemes of interoperability.

  • Present Situation of the Enterprise

  • Procedures of securiy ISO 27001 and SGSI

  • Protection of critical infraestructures of your enterprise

  • Intraoperability

  • Knowhow

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