Technological field

On 3 julio, 2013 by nebrit

The technological field is very important for an economical development. So, we are experts in products of legal and technological analysis. This products are:

Creating process of inverse software:

We analyze real, legal and technical necessities and we generate objectives and procedures. After that, we give a scheme to complete these necessities.

Audits of legal technology

We audit these aspects and products:

  • Legal Staff

  • Legal Staff assigned to LOPD

  • Legal Staff assigned to Technological legislation

  • Legal Staff assigned to Legal Processes

  • Legal Staff assigned to Procedures.

  • Computer-Programmer Staff

  • Computer-Programmer Staff assigned to LOPD

  • Computer-Programmer Staff assigned to Technological Legislation

  • Computer-Programmer Staff assigned to legal Processes

  • Computer-Programmer Staff assigned to Procedures

  • Existing Products of the Enterprise.

  • Present situation of the Enterprise

Audits of Procedures ICT.



We audit the procedures related to your tools of electronic administration or software and we revise all your laws related to suppliers and citizens. We also fulfill national and international security and we create objectives and procedures.

CRM- CRM strategy of guest relations.



We create a guest relation system based on social networks in order to reduce the cost and attending the guests in a personalized way. Therefore, your corporative image can be improve, too.

Making of processes of inverse software. Instead of looking for a software, we create a whole procedure and its personalized application.





Legal Staff assigned to Procedures.

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